Frauke Meyer

Directing and Project Development

Frauke Meyer creates.

Frauke Meyer works as a freelance director and project developer at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Bavarian State Opera, the Royal Opera House, the Kölner Fest für Alte Musik, the Theater Bonn, with the Cölner Barockorchester, the Klangkunstfestival bonnhoeren, as part of the BTHVN2020 and other houses and institutions. In addition Frauke Meyer works as a Curator for the Bayerischen Theatertage 2020.

A selection of productions

⇾ Kagel, Mare Nostrum, Bavarian State Opera

⇾ Bach, I have enough, Festival for Early Music Cologne

⇾ #outofthebox, Cölner Baroque Orchestra_Cologne

⇾ Klein, Irgendwie anders, Deutsche Oper Berlin

⇾ Strauss, Arabella, Bavarian State Opera

⇾ Naske, Das kleine Ich-bin-Ich, Theater Dortmund

⇾ Monahan, Space becomes an instrument, Theater Bonn

⇾ Gluck, Le Cinesi, Theater Dortmund

⇾ Zimmermann, Weisse Rose, Zeisehallen Hamburg

⇾ Puccini, La Fanciulla del West, Bavarian State Opera

⇾ Mozart, Die Hochzeit des Figaro, Potsdam

⇾ and many more

»In her work, she is particularly impressive because of her balanced and equilibrating nature, her very good social behavior, for which she is held in high esteem by superiors, colleagues and employees alike, as well as her ability to perform outstandingly under any circumstances and to motivate all employees and performers to do just that. Her work is characterized by her creativity, leadership, and dramaturgical skills and left a lasting positive impression on the audience, the press, and the employees.«

Christoph Seuferle, Opera Director Deutsche Oper Berlin

»Even in very difficult artistic situations, Frauke Meyer has the nerve and strength to keep everyone and everything under control, to calm down when necessary and she never loses sight of the essential. In addition, she has an extremely friendly, positive, and motivating manner in dealing with all departments. Such professional cooperation is a great pleasure for me, as this is, unfortunately, not the rule.«

Beate Vollack, Ballet Director Opera Graz – Project Management

Le Cinesi, Theater Dortmund

Die weiße Rose, Hamburger Zeiserhallen, Theater Itzehoe

Mare Nostrum, Bayerische Staatsoper München

Saint François d’Assise, Museum of Modern Art San Francisco

Die Hochzeit des Figaro, Potsdamer Winteroper im Schloss

Das kleine Ich-bin-Ich, Theater Dortmund

Activist and Artistic Project Manager

Frauke Meyer raises awareness.

In her function as an artistic project manager and activist, Frauke Meyer is constantly working within and on the structures and interfaces that make art possible to enable art. In the context of the Frauenkulturbüro Northrhine-Westphalia, she is fighting for equal rights for female artists in the political environment.


⇾ Supervision of the "On-site presence - musicians with children" grant

⇾ Participation in the directors' conference of the German Stage Association 2019

⇾ Content orientation and implementation of the "Artist Award North Rhine-Westphalia 2019"

⇾ Symposium "Wonderlands" 2018

⇾ Workshop and lecture with the German Stage Association at the German Orchestra Day 2018

⇾ Lecture at the Empowerment Days of Helvetia Rockt in Bern 2017

⇾ Development of various round tables in a political context

Coaching and Teaching

Frauke Meyer instigates.

Frauke Meyer teaches dramaturgical project development in the post-graduate studies „Music Education – Music in Context“ at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz, regularly, provides coaching on presence and appearance and language in companies, and supports young ensembles and performance groups in their scenic and dramaturgical development, for example in the context of the festival for young talents.

Training on presence and appearance

The effect of a presentation depends essentially on the sovereignty with which the presenter addresses his audience. Frauke Meyer offers training that supports the participants to develop a confident and convincing appearance in all situations.

The focus is on working on conscious use of the voice and body language. As a result, the participants know how to use their voice and body so that they can win over the audience with a positive attitude. In this context, the awareness of their personal strengths is also sharpened. In order to achieve these goals, the training is based on a professional playful approach, which makes use of the techniques of theatre, including breathing exercises, speech and voice training, mindfulness exercises, bodywork, improvisation, imagination, exercises according to Stanislawski, Strassberg and from the Comedia dell`arte.

If you are interested and have questions, please contact:


⇾ 2017 "Torture Doom" by Cindy Moped

⇾ 2019 "From the inside of a vacuum cleaner bag" by äöü

⇾ Cologne Baroque Orchestra "out of the box"

⇾ and much more

»Frauke Meyer – a woman of theatre through and through, she can simultaneously approach people from different professional backgrounds in her empathic way and get the best out of them – this is what happened to my students in the university course „Music Education- Music in Context“ at the Bruckner Private University in Linz. With artistic skill, never-tiring enthusiasm, project know-how and a knowledge of human nature, she accompanied the students in their final artistic projects and guided them with a steady hand through the ups and downs of the project process, while encouraging them in a friendly and determined manner to achieve top performances.«

Univ. Prof. Dr. Constanze Wimmer, University of Art Graz – Teaching/Coaching

»I got to know Frauke Meyer as lead organizer for the „Wonderlands“ conference. She is a radiant, open-minded personality with a lucid way of speaking and thinking, a sharp mind and a great sense of humour. And, of course, as a tireless seeker as well as an expert on questions of feminism, diversity and cultural policy focus. So, I asked her to curate the series „Divers“ at the Bayerische Theatertage 2020 at our house and won a critical, curious, combative and enlightening exchange on the state of diversity on Bavarian stages. A series put together with great care and a will of its own, with an artistic attitude and with incorruptibility for content. I’m looking forward to numerous further artistic-intellectual encounters with Frauke Meyer.«

Kathrin Mädler, Intendant Landestheater Schwaben

»As ITB Consulting we carry out diagnostic procedures for personnel selection and human resources development. Ms. Meyer regularly supports us in training our consultants in the execution of role plays. We appreciate her professional way of working, her authentic and open manner, her ability to think in different contexts and especially her competence to give differentiated and appreciative feedback.«

Anke Teröde-Wilde, Partner of ITB Consulting GmbH


Frauke Meyer develops and enables.

In times of change and great transformation Frauke Meyer supports artists, organizations and ensembles to rethink their structures and content, to define their core purpose to find and position themselves in the political and social context.

current projects

⇾ Cologne Baroqueorchestra - structural and content reorientation

⇾ ON Network New Music Cologne - strategic realignment

past projects

⇾ Choir Association NRW - Evaluation and redesign of the content of the educational initiative “Toni sings” for the Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture, and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

»I got to know Frauke as a woman who approaches you with a lot of humour and openness. When it comes to work, she impresses with her diligence, her inspiration and an „all-or-nothing“ attitude, which is goal-oriented in every respect. I consider myself very lucky to be able to call her my colleague.«

Andreas Hempel, artistic director and manager of the Cologne Baroque Orchestra

©Bettina Fürst-Fastré Deutscher Orchestertag 2018

Deutscher Orchestertag 2018 (Foto: ©Bettina Fürst-Fastré)

»My work with Frauke Meyer is characterized by openness and transparency as well as clear communication and, as a direct result, by maximum efficiency. Working with her at eye level is so pleasant because I can rely on her at all times and know that the joint projects are just as important to her as they are to me. Always superbly organized and up-to-date on all project processes, Frauke Meyer embodies for me the model type of a professional cultural manager.«

Daniel Mennicken, Managing Director ON-Neue Musik Köln – Consulting